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    Need to give regular expression to find value from 0-9 in x-path



      I recorded below x-path from pop-up screen through OpenScript, some times @index value get change any single digit number. I was trying to use regular expression inside this @index but not working.


      Recorded xpath :  adf.selectOneRadio( "/web:window[@index='0']/web:document[@index='4']/web:ADFSelectOneRadio[@absoluteLocator='sor1' or @label='Create PO']" )        .select("Create PO");


      Tried : /web:window[@index='0']/web:document[@index='\\d[0-9]']/web:ADFSelectOneRadio[@absoluteLocator='sor1' or @label='Create PO'] : Not working


      Please provide some solution, how can we handle @index value of single digit from 0 to 9.