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      we are using jdev


      File -->  New --->  From Gallery -->  Create new WebCenter Portal Server Connection


      put all required details in wizard. click  "Test Connection".   shows "Portal Server Connection Successful".


      But when u click OK of the wizard and then go to Resources pallete  U do see new connection under "WebCenter Portal Server".  Issue is in the Resource pallete u select this new connection and Expand it to see what are portals....   it does not expand at all and if u hover mouse over connection it states "Get list of portals failed". Why ?


      seen this before ?



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          Daniel Merchán


          I will need bit more details about this issue.

          • Have you setup your connection using the direct port of WebCenter Portal or the OHS port?
          • Have you configured it using a user with Administrative privileges in your WebCenter Portal Environment?
          • Can you share the Message Log of JDeveloper?.


          Also share screenshot if it helps.



          Kind regards.

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            Hello Daniel,


            this issue is resolved. cannot expand connection is known issue on Oracle support and simply applying oracle recommended patch to the portal server resolves. no other changes. no changes on jdev front.