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      we are using


      within portal we have configured 4 UCM connections. Each are going to different UCM.  Of-course one of them is Active / Default


      we are dropping a CP TaskFlow on directly on portal page. we do not want to use the Content Presenter Configuration as ours is a pretty custom cmis query. so we use Content Presenter Configuration merely so select the UCM Repository from the dropdown. name of repo we select is   NonDefaultUCM.


      That is the reason - Instead of clicking edit  of CP Tasklow ...   we go to   Parameters.


      Now per oracle doc


      1>    Data Source = here u type CMIS custom query

        2>   Data Source Type = here select Query Expression


      so at point 1 textfield box do we simply type   SELECT * FROM ora:t:IDC:GlobalProfile WHERE  cmis:createdBy ='POMPOS'   ?


      Reason for asking is if we type cmis and click ok we notice in the Content Repository Configuration it will automatically will change the UCM Repository to DefaultUCM. why ?

      bcaz we do not want to run our custom select against DefalutUCM. We had selected it to run against NonDefaultUCM.


      why does using Parameter option changes the Repository ?  Alternatively, what is there a way to specify in SELECT query that it MUST run against NonDefaultUCM ?