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    Supplemental Data Manager


      Does anyone know that Supplemental Data Manager can be used to collect rollfoward information? Thanks!

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          I suppose it could. Supplemental Data Manager is a module in Financial Close Manager on -premise, and a module of FCCS. It is designed to allow you to create forms of transactional or supporting details that do not normally fit within the HFM dimension structures. You can use it to tie back the sum of details in the form to balances in HFM, FCCS, or other Hyperion sources. For roll-forwards you might use it to ask users to tell you details about purchases or sales of equipment greater than $10,000 for example. The form would have fields for the equipment type, an in-service date, and some other information along with the purchase price. HFM instead would simply store the sum of all purchase for equipment without the ability to see individual details.


          - Chris