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    Reporting via MyMicros

    Tulug Ozgur-Oracle



      This is a question about a customer using MyMicros and RES 5.5 system. It stems from the fact that somehow the itemiser for on group of spirits (they have two groups of spirits and the other was unaffected) was changed to Food at some point in June and therefore a lot of revenue for spirits was reported both in Micros and Opera as food. they are not going to correct Opera but for their own internal management they need to know the correct figures (obviously right now they have deficits on their liquor sales etc). So there are many questions:

      1.Can they see who changed the itemiser for this group of spirits.....they are likely to be made to suffer a lot

      2. They have been looking at MyMicros reports to see if they can easily find the figure on a daily basis that they need to transfer but their MyMicros sales mix reports do not seem to take account of discounts. They have documented this in the attached. Is this working correctly?

      3. What is the best way for them to get what they are looking for?


      Many thanks

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          Tulug Ozgur-Oracle



          There are various reports in the system showing menu item or family group sales including discount data.


          Reports including discount data helpful for the customer could be "Sales Mix Items Summary" or or "Sales Mix Summary". The "Salex Mix Items Summary" is very detailed and can be used to determine if Items have been assinged to the correct major and family group. Export into Excel helps to sort columns and filter data as needed.


          Kind regards.