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    Materials Control / Automatic Export

    Tulug Ozgur-Oracle

      Hi team,


      Question around MC


      We are currently exporting the files manually, but scheduling an automatic export on a specific date could be very useful.

      Here are the reports we are interested in:


      • 02A005

      • 01A310

      • 01A310A

      • 01A110

      • 05A010

      • 04A012B


      Of course there is a setting to do (date, main group etc ...) that will be registered at the time of the creation of the export.


      Is it possible to create automatic exports with this reports ?


      Thanks for your assistance

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          Tulug Ozgur-Oracle

          Hi ,


          Thanks for your question.

          It's possible.


          Setup the parameter for each report:

          1. They need to open the specific report

          2. Setup of all the necessary parameter

          3. Save the report

          4. The saved report is now visible and can be be added to a report batch.


          create a report batch:

          1. generate a report batch

          2. the saved reports


          create a scheduled task:

          1. Open MC Scheduler, Print Batch, Add Batch ...


          Kind regards.