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    KDS Bumpbar

    Nemoto Akito - Oracle-Oracle

      My client Les Roches has already installed KDS on their own screens.


      At the moment, they want to install a new KDS, but they want to know if is possible to use a computer with tactile screen (which is what they have now, and there is a bump bar appearing on the screen) but they want to use as well the


      MICROS 20-key bump bar with USB interface, 4.5 meters USB cable, and wall bracket

      Is that possible?

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          Nemoto Akito - Oracle-Oracle

          if you are not using a WS6 for KDS you will need


          a KDS controller to connect a monitor


          a) with touch screen (current at your customer)

          b) standard monitor + bumb bar


          The bumb bar will be connected to the KDS controller.


          So to answer your question: yes, it should be possible to use the USB-bumb bar - please check with your consulting team, if the existing KDS controller will support all new peripherals.