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    Multiple Cash Drawers

    Nemoto Akito - Oracle-Oracle

      Do I need any dongle / connector/ cable etc when a customer has more than 1 cash drawer installed on 1 Workstation, or is this simply a configuration issue for the IC?


      Does your answer apply to all MICROS POS platforms? My specific need right now is for RES 3700 only.

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          Nemoto Akito - Oracle-Oracle

          Yes all of our workstations support up to 2 cash drawers. the tablet 720/721 does not.

          it is a simple IC configuration to allow a second cash drawer, the deeper complexity is how they want that cash drawer to operate, your IC can assist with that as well.


          as for dongles this depends on the type of workstation and the type of cash drawer. if this is an older site with the large series 1 connector, you will need a series 1 to series 2 conversion dongle cable for any newer workstation 600 series or 300 series


          likewise if its is a new cash drawer being attached to an older device, ws5a, ws5, ws4lx, then you will need a series 2 to series 1 conversion dongle cable. or replace the workstations with newer models.