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    Benefits of single prop/room class move to multi-prop?

    Tulug Ozgur-Oracle

      Hi team,


      We are running two hotels under one Opera DB using the room class functionality.

      We are interested in multi-property (cloud) solution.

      I believe there are some items around better/clearer reporting of revenue, booking channels etc?, but wanted to check if any others?


      The main one we have identified so far is:


      1. Ability to deploy and get a white label version of Synxis working. (one interface per property)

      2. Looking for other suggestions here.....


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          Tulug Ozgur-Oracle




          In reality, cloud environment has many advantages:

          1. Ability to have one centralised Guest profile amongst all properties. With this functionality you can distinguish preferences and profile information on a per property basis.

          2. Ability to create a centralised reservations office that allows users to see availability for multiple properties on one screen.

          3. Ability to post restaurant charges from a restaurant in Property A to a folio in Property B.---cross posting license is needed

          4. Ability to maintain a centralised reporting structure within either Property the user is logged into.

          5. Ability to check Arrivals, House Status, Room Plan, etc…for any property from within any property.

          6. Ability to maintain Inter-Hotel Accounts and manually post to and from either property. Cross Property Postings produce the Inter-Property Account Transactions Report showing all payments sent to other properties as settlement for the Inter-Property Account. This report also shows all payments due to other properties from the Inter-Property Account from the logged in Property.

          7. Ability to create Individual reservations spanning over multiple properties with the same confirmation number and itinerary.

          8. Copy and Paste Configuration using Templates.

          9. Multi-Property Group Blocks.


          Hope this helps.