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    bea.jolt.ServiceException: Service is not available:Test


      Hi all,

      I have created a new service Test at the Tuxedo server. when I boot the server the service is boot successfully.

      boot log:


      Ubbconfig File:


      GROUP1  LMID=emple GRPNO=1






      JREPSVR SRVGRP=GROUP1 SRVID=2 GRACE=0 CLOPT="-A -- -W -P /home/administrator/TuxSvc/jrepository"

      JSL SRVGRP=GROUP1 SRVID=3 CLOPT="-A -- -n // -m3 -M10 -x15 -d /dev/tcp"


      evGtAddPrm00    SRVGRP=GROUP1 SRVID=10

      Test    SRVGRP=GROUP1 SRVID=11




      evGtAddPrm00    SVCTIMEOUT=0 TRANTIME=0



      Entry to make.sh:

      buildserver -o Test -f Test.c -s Test

      tmloadcf -y ubbrpc

      tmboot -y




      Jrepository Entry:

      add PKG/BULKPKG:EmpInfo:AllDataTypes:SeqElem:EmpInformation:evGtAddPrm00:Test:

      add SVC/Test:bt=FML32:ex=0:BT=FML32:vs=4:bp:pf=33554433:po=1:pa=rw:pn=GENERATION:pt=integer:ep:bp:pf=33554434:po=1:pa=rw:\



      tmadmin psc command output:


      Service Name Routine Name Prog Name  Grp Name  ID    Machine  # Done Status

      ------------ ------------ ---------  --------  --    -------  ------ ------

      AllDataTypes AllDataTypes AllDataTy+ GROUP1     4      emple       0 AVAIL

      EmpInfo      EmpInfo      EmpInfo    GROUP1     5      emple       0 AVAIL

      SeqElem      SeqElem      SeqElem    GROUP1     6      emple       0 AVAIL

      NullElems    NullElems    NullElems  GROUP1     7      emple       0 AVAIL

      ReceiveChar+ ReceiveChar+ ReceiveCh+ GROUP1     8      emple       0 AVAIL

      EmpInformat+ EmpInformat+ EmpInform+ GROUP1     9      emple       0 AVAIL

      evGtAddPrm00 evGtAddPrm00 evGtAddPr+ GROUP1    10      emple       0 AVAIL

      Test         Test         Test       GROUP1    11      emple       0 AVAIL



      But when i try to call my service by jolt client, but the server gave me the error,


      Error occurred when invoking service Test, due to bea.jolt.ServiceException: Service is not available:Test


      Can anyone help me with this?

      I'm attaching all the necessary file you need.