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    Opera database on Linux Server

    Nemoto Akito - Oracle-Oracle

      Our customer Caja los Andes is an active user of several Oracle Solutions and with a strong knowledge on Oracle Database. They have all Oracle database implemented in Linux server and request to do the same for Opera DB Server. We are in the process to move to opera 5.5.19 and Oracle database 11.


      Do we have any experience over Linux?

      Any consequences for support?

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          Nemoto Akito - Oracle-Oracle

          We are using Linux DB for our hosted solutions already since quite some time.

          But i am afraid that the only certified platform for on-premise installations is still Microsoft Windows Servers.


          the linked document was updated January 2018, and i think its still the most current one.



          Supported Platforms

          As of this writing OPERA versions lower than are only certified on Microsoft Windows 2008r2.

          Microsoft Windows Server 2012r2 is only certified for OPERA Versions and above including Database, Application, and Single Servers.


          Further to consider for your version is following advisory :

          You must use an 11g version (for example, or of the Oracle database as the underlying database for Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property Management Version



          as said, Oracle 11g on Linux works perfectly fine in our DC from a technical side. but i did not see any documents that this is certified for on-premise customers as of today.