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    V5 SaaS to Cloud 1.2

    Nemoto Akito - Oracle-Oracle

      What needs to happen (not contractually that part is fine) to move a customer from V5 SaaS to Cloud 1.2?


      Both products are already in the Singapore Equinix A0 DC.


      What is required? Existing hotel build, interfaces etc all in-tact? Profile data intact?


      Do we just advise a couple of days of live consulting cover when the change occurs?


      The final part of my question is optional but the same qill apply for customers moving from V5 SaaS or 1.2 to the new 18.x.

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          Nemoto Akito - Oracle-Oracle

          1) If the current environment the customer is in has dual capabilities (can host OPERA Property Cloud and OPERA Cloud) then no migration is necessary, as the database is the same. All profiles, reservations, statistics, etc will be there. You will however need to quote consulting for some OPERA Cloud specific configuration that needs to take place, training for the users, cutover and PM time.

          2) Migration to 18.x is not yet fully defined. For the time being we are only targeting at Early Adopters, which need to be net new customers. Once that is in place I assume it will be a similar process as the one we have today to move v5 on-prem to v5 SaaS or opera cloud 1.x. There's a new migration tool about to be released that should make things easier though.