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    Migrate on-prem EBS 12.x to Oracle Cloud


      EBS R12.1.3  & R12.2.x


      11g  & 12c



      Hi ALL,


      Can you share me which forum do I need to place this question below?


      Anyone here able to migrate EBS to Oracle Cloud? or Any apps or database moved to Oracle Cloud?

      Can you share me what benefit did you get?(even if theoretical)

      Can you share your answers for  below questions please: ( my sample answers)


      A-       What solution did the customer purchase?  < EBS R12


      B-          What were the challenges prior to the implementation?

               1. Maintenance on prem is expensive:

                   1.1 Issues and hassles on hardware depreciation and obsolescence, upgrading new hardware and migrating the apps

                   1.2  Can not afford to hire system engr, network engr, sysadmin, dba

                   1.3  Maintenance on air-conditioning, lighting in computer room, computer room space rental, and cleaning.


      C-        Why did the customer move to Oracle?

               Sales drive, lower cost, customer experience (CX)


      D-       What were they shifting to the Oracle Cloud?

               Their Oracle EBS Apps


      E-        What are the expected benefits?

               Lower capex, opex

               Free from hassles listed in B.1


      F-          What is the implementation timeline or has the solution gone live?

                3 months, gone live.



      Please help....



      Kind regards,