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    PayPal & Amazon Pay

    Dario Galvan Jimenez-Oracle

      Customer is looking to add PayPal and Amazon Pay to their website as forms of payment for the guest when they book reservations and need to prepay or put a deposit down.



      • How OWS would send this data to OPERA and how the payments would then get processed
      • Are we able to accept these payment types and how would they go about setting this up to send OPERA through OWS?
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          Dario Galvan Jimenez-Oracle

          If there is an interface via OWS, they can do whatever they want on their website to accomplish this. OWS has the ability to return deposit requirements as configured in

          OPERA both an availability request as well as on the create booking message. Customer can use that info to tell how much they need to collect and then redirect
          their guest, either prior of after confirming the booking to PayPal, Amazon, or any provider they chose.

          Once they get the payment confirmation from the vendor, they can insert the actual payment in the OPERA reservation via the MakePayment message.