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    Avero & Simphony

    Christian Lupprich-Oracle

      What is the interface for Avero with Simphony?

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          Christian Lupprich-Oracle

          It is just an Export from Reporting & Analytics - in the past it was a customized export (which may need a CEMLI request for each new installation),

          but it seems that Avero can use R&A´s Standard Export now - we found, that this depends from customer to customer.


          This export only runs once per day, so customer can never get near real time data with Avero, its always the previous business day.


          At this point there's only a few subtle differences between Avero and Reporting and Analytics 9.x with OBIEE.

          Mainly, they have some strange graph formats that we currently don't replicate, and they have a manager log. Avero does have a mobile version as well.

          The cost vs. benefit ratio is very small unless they are utilizing Avero for their financials as well.