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    Comparison of OPERA shells

    Patricio - HGBU LAD Presales-Oracle

      Hello team,


      Our corporate customer wants to do a detailed comparison of JAPAC and US OPERA shells - Premium & Standard and how this can be done?


      They also want to know if it is possible to export all of the Opera tables in each Shell into a text or CSV file?

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          Patricio - HGBU LAD Presales-Oracle

          there's no built-in tool for this in OPERA. But here's what you could do:


          For every configuration area there's a matching report in OPERA (all these reports start with the "cf_" prefix). You can Print to File the necessary reports selecting the Delimited option. This produces CSV files that can easily be imported into Excel. From there on it's just a matter of opening the reports for the two shells in different screens and compare.


          Just go to PMS > Miscellaneous > Reports and pick the Configuration Report Group.

          Select your report, check "Print to File". Fille Format = Delimited > Tab

          OK > File > Save to the desired location (the extension will be "txt" but you'll be able to open it with Excel easily)