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    Store and Forward(SAF) agents configuration not working


      Hi All,


      I have configure a SAF agent between tow domains and facing an issue between them.SAF Configuration.PNG


      Below is my environment details.


      Platform         >     AIX 7.1

      OSM Version         >   

      Oracle WebLogic      >     12c

      Oracle Fusion Middleware >      12c

      Oracle DB         >     12.1.0


      Configuration Details:


      Two Domains configure on same machine:


      SOM Domain

      COM Domain


      Configuring a SAF (Store-and-forward) between COM To SOM domain:



      Source side Configuration details:



      For both of the COM and SOM go to domain name >security from weblogic admin console. DONE






      JMS Server:            XXXJMSServer

      JMS MOdel:            XXXJMSSystemModule

      Connection Faxtory:          OSMJMSCF

      Connection Faxtory JNDI Name:    jms/OSMJMSCF

      Queue:                TestLocalQueue

      JNDI Name:            jms/TestLocalQueue ==> COM to SOM





      SAFSource         10.254.XXX.XX:10001 ==> COM

      SAFDestination    10.254.XXX.XX:11001 ==> SOM



      1-     SAF Persistent JMS Store:

          - Name : TestFileStore


      2-    Create Remote SAF Context in the JMS Module

              - Name: TESTRemoteSAFContext

          - URL:  t3:// ==> SOM


      3-    SAF Error Handling:

          - TESTSAFErrorHandling


      4-    Create SAF Imported Destination in Jms Module.

               Name: TESTSAFImportedDestinations

           Prefix the JNDI name: TEST.


      Here is my Subdeployment details:


      - Name:        TestSubDeployment

      - Resources:   TESTSAFImportedDestinations

      - Target:      TESTSAFAgent



      5-     Queue in SAF Imported Destination

          - Queue Name:         TESTSAFQueue

              - Remote JNDI Name:   TestRemoteQ

              - Local JNDI Name:    TestLocalQueue



      6-    Create a Store and Forward Agent and have the agent type as Both. Target it to the Admin Server.

              - Name:             TESTSAFAgent

              - Scope:            Global

              - Persistent Store: TestFileStore

              - Agent Type:       'Sending-only'




      SAF Configuration:






      Target side Configurations:



      JMS Server:            TESTJMSServer

      JMS MOdel:            TestJMSModule

      Source side subdeployment:      TESTSubDeployment

      Connection Factory Name:        jms/TESTConnectionFactory

      Connection Faxtory JNDI Name:    jms/TESTConnectionFactory

      Queue:                TestRemoteQ

      JNDI Name:            jms/TestRemoteQ ==> COM to SOM





      I am inserting the massage in COM local queue [b]'TestLocalQueue'[/b] which is map with my SAF agent. but the the massage stuck in the Queue and not transferring the Remote Queue [b]'TestRemoteQ'

      [/b], anybody have an idea what wrong with my configuration why the massage is transferring.


      I hope you people understand my problem in the above detail description.




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          Tom B-Oracle

          I advise:

          - First get SAF to work intra-domain on (the simplest case).

          - Then get it to work cross-domain where both are at versions.

          - Finally get it to work in your particular use case...


          Some common things to check:

          - Check your WL log files for SAF info, warnings, and errors - especially on the source side.

          - Make sure your two domains have different names.

          - Make sure you've setup cross domain security https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E13222_01/wls/docs103/secmanage/domain.html

          - There are a variety known issues with - including communication issues IIRC - so simply updating your domain to 12.2.13 might help.


          Hope this helps!


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            Thanks Tom for the reply.


            1- Both the domains are in the same machine with the same weblogic version, and both domains have different name.

            2- Cross-domain is enable between both domains and its properly working.

            3- I have create internal bridge between both domains and its working, massages are transfer from both sides.


            I have follow the below link to configure a SAFAgent.




            I have used a Java Class to send a message to test the SAF with this code:


            import java.util.Hashtable;

            import javax.jms.Connection;

            import javax.jms.JMSException;

            import javax.jms.MessageProducer;

            import javax.jms.Queue;

            import javax.jms.QueueConnectionFactory;

            import javax.jms.Session;

            import javax.jms.TextMessage;

            import javax.naming.Context;

            import javax.naming.InitialContext;

            import javax.naming.NamingException;


            public class TestSAF {

                    public static void main(String[] args) {

                            String CFName = "jms/OSMJMSCF";

                            String destName = "TEST.jms.TestLocalQueue";


                            Connection conn = null;

                            Session session = null;

                            MessageProducer prod = null;

                            try {

                                    // Set the Initial Context properties

                                    Hashtable env = new Hashtable();

                                    env.put(Context.SECURITY_PRINCIPAL, "weblogic");

                                    env.put(Context.SECURITY_CREDENTIALS, "ptcl1234");

                                    env.put(Context.INITIAL_CONTEXT_FACTORY, "weblogic.jndi.WLInitialContextFactory");

                                    env.put(Context.PROVIDER_URL, "t3://");


                                    InitialContext context = new InitialContext(env);


                                    // Lookup connection factory

                                    QueueConnectionFactory queueConnectionFactory = (QueueConnectionFactory) context.lookup(CFName);


                                    // Create a connection and session

                                    conn = queueConnectionFactory.createConnection();

                                    session = conn.createSession(false, 0);


                                    // Lookup queue

                                    Queue q = (Queue) context.lookup(destName);


                                    // Send message

                                    prod = session.createProducer(q);

                                    TextMessage msg = session.createTextMessage();


                                    msg.setText("Moin TEST MESSAGE with new Local JNDI name");



                            } catch (NamingException ne) {

                                    System.out.println("NamingException: " + ne.toString());

                            } catch (JMSException jmse) {

                                    System.out.println("NamingException: " + jmse.toString());

                            } finally {

                                    try {




                                    } catch (Exception e) {

                                            System.out.println("Excepion in finally branch: " + e.toString());






            After compiling an executing the Java class, the message reached Domain2.



            when I am inserting a massage in domain1 local queue 'TestLocalQueue' which is map with my SAFAgent, massage is stuck in the Queue  and not transferring to the  Domain2 Remote Queue 'TestRemoteQ'.




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              Tom B-Oracle

              - Check your WebLogic log files for SAF info, warnings, and errors - especially on the source (SAF Agent forwarder) side.   (Check the actual log files - DOMAIN_HOME/servers/wl-server-name/logs by default - not the stdout capture.)


              - If you are using 2:  There are a variety known issues - including communication issues IIRC - so simply updating your  domain to 12.2.13 might help.

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                Hi Tom,


                as I describe in my previous thread that I have configured the SAF in my environment and I wanted to send a massage from local to remote destination using with the SAF agent service.

                Do you have any idea how to send a massage to remote destination domain with with or without using the java code.




                Moin Ahmed

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                  Tom B-Oracle

                  To summarize the finding so far:


                  - You are trying to get SAF Agents to work between two domains in order to forward messages from an imported destination in a 'start' domain to a distributed destination in a 'remote' domain.

                  - The test successfully sent a message directly to the remote queue.

                  - The test successfully sent a message to a local imported queue for a local SAF Agent, but this message is 'stuck' in the local imported queue and is not getting forwarded by the SAF Agent to the remote queue.  

                  - You have verified that 'cross domain security' is configured.

                  - You have verified that using a message bridge as an alternative to SAF works.

                  - You have verified that that the two domains have different domain names.


                  This is why I now recommend:


                  - Have you tried getting SAF to work 'intra-domain'?  This helps eliminate 'cross domain' as the issue.

                  - Check the logs of the WL Servers that host the SAF Agent that hosts the imported destination where the message is stuck.

                  - Try using if you're using an older version (just to eliminate version as a factor).


                  If you're looking for alternatives to SAF:


                  - Messaging Bridge (as you've already successfully tried)

                  - Write a very simple MDB deployed to the remote side that consumes from the 'start' Distributed Q and enqueues to the 'end' Q (or an MDB deployed on the local side that forwards messages).   Unlike Bridges, MDBs automatically and transparently consume from all members of a DQ.


                  I personally tend to recommend using MDBs.  A potential concern with MDBs is that, like Message Bridges, these must use cross-domain JTA transactions to achieve exactly-once messaging -- and JTA cross-domain can get tricky if there's a firewall/load-balancer on the network between the domains.