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      Hello - using


      Jdev - created a taskflow and deployed as shared adf library to remote dev portal. no issues.


      jdev - created Portal Server Extension App. Have default Implementation version =  ( this is ok bcaz the default on serve ris extend.spaces.webapp(2.0, 12.2.1)


      registered the shared adf library in weblogic.xml


      Right click the PortalSharedLibrary --> Deploy --> deplying as SharedLib --->  selected the option WC_Portal_Cluster1 -->  Finish -->  and getting following err in jdev. any idea ?


      [Deployer:149193]Operation  "deploy" on application "extend.spaces.webapp [LibSpecVersion=2.0, LibImplVersion=]" has failed on "WC_Portal".

      [Deployer:149034]An exception occured for the task [Deployer:149117]deploy library extend.spaces.webapp [LibSpecVersion=2.0, LibImplVersion=]  on WC_Portal_Cluster1 : java.io.FileNotFound :  /u01/apps/oracle/fusionmiddleware/domains/wcportal/servers/AdminServer/upload/extend.spaces.webapp/2.0@ (No such file or directory )


      Deployment cancelled.

      --Deployment Incomplete ---


      Remote deployment failed (oracle.jdevimpl.deploy.common.Jsr88RemoteDeployer)


      any idea ?



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          Daniel Merchán



          Please, first of all do not open multiple threads for the same question. We should try keep the forum clean.

          As you mentioned, you have a cluster of WC_Portal as I can see.


          • How many managed servers are in your Portal Cluster?
          • Is the AdminServer mount on a share filesystem?
          • Fails in all Managed Servers? Have you checked the path in all of them?
          • Which is your exact version of WebCenter and WebLogic? Have you applied the latest bundled patches?
          • Have a look into your /u01/apps/oracle/fusionmiddleware/domains/wcportal/servers/AdminServer/upload if the Uploader is creating the deployments with the /u01/apps/oracle/fusionmiddleware/domains/wcportal/servers/AdminServer/upload/extend.spaces.webapp/[versionnumber]/....


          I faced a bug in this release in the past that the uploader was not creating the proper folder structure for versioned shared-libraries deployed through WebLogic Console, but yes using JDeveloper Deployer.

          My suggestion will be open an Oracle SR, but I can try to help if you provide more information over the questions above.


          Kind regards.

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            this got resolved after applying patch.



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              Daniel Merchán



              I would suggest to you to post a reply with what patch has solved the problem and mark your answer as correct, it will help others .


              Kind regards.