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    portal extension


      Hello - we have incremented Implementation Version of extend.spaces.webapp   by 1 ( added our new Library to weblogic.xml ) and .war is ready in our Jdev Portal Extension deploy directory.


      Our portal is running on remote linux and instead of using jdev deploy directly ( we think there might be some permission issue that direct deploy from jdev is failing ) to remote, we are thinking to use the weblogic Console --->  Import updated war File -->   upload our updated .war and then deploy. Restart Portal server and see if this way we are able to get updated extend.spaces.webapp to WebLogic server.


      All of Oracle docs talks about Jdev option     Right Click -->  deploy directly to WebLogic Portal.  Is there a doc / blog that list step by step to deploy same extend.spaces.webapp  .WAR using WebLogic Console ->  Import File  etc   ?