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    Need Tips and Tops on Eloqua certification Examination


      Hello All,


      I am preparing for Eloqua certification exam. Would you please provide inputs on the type of exam questions and  key points to prepare for the exam. It would  be great if i can get additional materials to crack the certification.


      Thanks in Advance.

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          Hi Devon,


          The exam name and the code are :


          Exam: 1Z0-349

          Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud Service 2017 Implementation Essentials




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            Devon Guerrero

            I recently just took that exam. Of course, I cannot discuss the questions with you, but I can say that the topics listed on the exam page are accurate. If you took the luminary previously, I would recommend reviewing those documents again as there are some subjects best covered in there that you might not have practical experience on. Otherwise, it's a mix of feature specific knowledge and using your experience to reason out the questions and see the nuances. Like any typical Oracle exam, it has the single-multi choice and the many-multi choice questions, so you can't really guess your way through.


            If you know your stuff, the time limit shouldn't be an issue. I finished with half the time left.


            Here's the topics from the page:


            Initial Configuration
            • Implement and configure a Branding and Deliverability package
            • Configure default email settings, the master exclude list, microsite, company default settings, and default confirmation pages
            • Configure an IP Warming campaign

            Automation: Lead Scoring and Data Tools

            • Configure a Lead Scoring model
            • Update CRM with Lead Scores
            • Troubleshoot a Lead Scoring model

            Eloqua Product Enhancements

            • Configure the campaign and opportunity settings and the bi-synchronous CRM integration for Closed-Loop Reporting
            • Describe the features and functions of Eloqua Profiler and Eloqua Engage
            • Provision Eloqua Profiler and Eloqua Engage users and configure these sales tools in an integrated CRM system
            • Configure Event Manager for a multi-session event, merge session details into emails, and generate automated reminders and post event communications
            • Configure Identity Provider Authentication for Single Sign On
            • Configure a Campaign Approval workflow

            Advanced Editing and Form Management

            • Build dynamic processing workflows to create a targeted experience for the end user
            • Trigger form notifications based on defined criteria
            • Use JavaScript to capture and track a lead source

            Web Profiling

            • Set up tracking of query-string based websites
            • Describe Eloqua tracking mechanisms
            • Configure page tagging
            • Configure query strings and query string sets
            • Configure the population form component to track referring source


            CRM Integration

            • Describe the relationship between internal events, external calls, and auto synchs
            • Configure a bi-synchronous integration with CRM, including web links
            • Integrate CRM custom objects with Eloqua and leverage the data for segmentation, personalization, and scoring
            • Define methods of integrating multiple CRMs

            Integrating with Third Party Systems

            • Configure Data Imports and Data Exports to meet customer requirements
            • Configure AppCloud Applications in Eloqua

            System Administration

            • Configure contact-level security by creating and assigning labels in a custom program
            • Customize asset permissions to control visibility and access
            • Create custom security groups

            Custom Objects

            • Create and manage Custom Objects
            • Reference Custom Object data for personalization
            • Push data to CRM using Custom Object Record Services, External Call, and Program Builder

            Subscription Management

            • Identify when a custom subscription option is needed
            • Configure subscription management using one of Eloqua's three standard options
            • Configure a standard Subscription Management form and landing page