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    Cannot connect to any database... Very Fustrated


      I'm using Oracle  Version with Java Platform Component 1.8.0_181 and I'm running Windows 10. I try to connect to a database at my school and also tried to create a local connection and I keep getting the error message:

      IO Error: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection

      Vendor Error 17002


      I found instructions to go to services.msc and activate oracle services. I have not one oracle services listed. I cannot use the command tnsping, I cannot use the lsnrctl command even as administrator. I have been extremely frustrated with this. I can't do homework at home. My teacher is no help. She offers using a VDI which works horribly both through the browser and through the ap. I have spent hours on multiple occasions and there is nothing that I can understand that can help me.


      If you have any ideas please let me know with step by step basic instructions. This program seems useless. If you cannot build a connection, you can't do anything and I would really like to practice for my exam. I should be learning SQL script and not struggling with connecting to any database.


      Thanks for your help,