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    Set value on page item based on a grid column after an interactive grid selection


      Hi all


      Last days I'm trying to get a value from an interactive grid column after "Selection Change [Interactive Grid]" event without success.


      I need to set the value from IG column ID to Incoming ID Text Field.


      Reason: As part of the layout that I want to have I want to open a modal dialog with some fields when I press the Update button instead of change the data directly on IG.


      When I click on any row the DA runs but no value is defined on the Text Field.


      Here DA definitions



      TRUE event (WCA_ID is the column name from database table as from IG and P16_WCAID id the Text Field).



      Basically I just need to know how to get an IG column value and after set this value on an item in any page region.


      Any suggestions are welcome.


      Thanks in advance for your attention.