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    Migrate ADF framework Application Custom Java Code to Webcenter Portal

    Hemant Gaur

      Hi, I have custom ADF framework Application with some java code. Is it possible that I create war of my old application and reference same in  WebCenter Portal Server Extension application. Thanks, Hemant

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          Daniel Merchán

          Hi Hemant,


          Your questions is very generic and unclear for me. I do not understand it properly as I do not know what you are trying to migrate exactly.


          Let's put some terminology to understand your scenario


          • ADF Framework Applicacation does not exist as terminology.
            • Do you have a pure ADF Application where you have ADF Bounded Task Flows and an ADF Unbounded Task Flow (adfc-config.xml) defining the pages of your Application?
            • Do you have a WebCenter Portal Framework Application?.
              Depending on pure ADF vs Portal Framework the steps are very different to migrate as maybe you are using Portal Framework Services too
          • Which version are you running, 11.1.1.x or 12.2.1.x? Are you migrating version to version?


          • What do you want exactly to migrate. Only Java Code / Managed Beans? ADF Task Flows too? Portal Services?. Portlets? Servlets? Filters? What?


          Trying to answer if you ONLY need your custom Java Code to be in the Classpath of WebCenter you have TWO alternatives depending on what about is the Java Code for. If you are planning to migrate ADF Task Flows and other ADF elements then my answer below will change.


          Alternative 1

          • Put your Java Code as part of the PortalExtension Project which is part of the WebCenterPortalExtension Application. This code is automatically packaged in an ADFJAR file part of extend.spaces.webapp Shared Library. You just need to increase the Implementation-Version of the MANIFEST.MF, deploy the Shared-Library and restart your WebCenter Portal Managed Servers.


          Alternative 2 (My Favourite)

          • Create a Deployment Profile for deploying your ViewController Project as an ADF JAR Library
          • Create a Deployer Project within your ADF Application to deploy a WAR file as a versioned Shared-Library which includes the ADF JAR LIbraries of the other projects.
          • Deploy your Custom Shared-Library in WebLogic
          • Create a weblogic.xml Descriptor File in your PortalSharedLibrary project of the WebCenter Portal Extension Application
          • Register the library-ref to your custom library in the weblogic.xml
          • Use the PortalSharedLibrary (increasing the Implementation-Version) to deploy a new version of extend.spaces.webapp.war (make sure internally the weblogic.xml is present referring your Shared-Library).


          There are lot of resources online on how to create and deploy Custom Shared-Libraries.

          If you are not experience with some of the steps I mentioned before, please ask.


          Alternative 3 (Exotic)

          • You can also register your ADF Application as an External Application and embed it in the Portal . Is like "Iframing" your old app.


          But, please first of all before you do anything check carefully and let me understand what you want to achieve.