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    Q4 and All Other Qs


      Hi All.


      I have a requirement that in a single analysis I have to create two views.

      One will show quarter 4 data based on quarter selection in DB prompt. So, if I select anything related to 2018, say, 2018Q1, the result should show 2018Q4 data.

      The other view should show only selected quarters.


      How do I go about it. I have tried few things like measure with presentation variable etc. Not sure what can be done in repository that one measures always points to Q4 of a year, no matter what...


      Any idea? Thanks

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          Robert Angel

          Something like ;-



          Quarter in (@{SelectedQuarter}{2049Q4},substring(@{SelectedQuarter}{2049Q4},1,4)||"Q4")



          Not tested as not currently with an OBIEE instance.

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            Thanks. Is that a column formula in measure or a filter formula, if you could clarify please?

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              Robert Angel




              I was thinking of a filter in answers, not a filter formula, but you could also achieve your purpose using filter formula, or even by using equivalent case logic in a formula.


              Btw - word from the experienced, if you change your display name to something more user friendly then you are more likely to get people engaging with you, it can be an alias, you don't have to use your real name. Marking also goes down well generally, and genuinely is for the benefit of all.