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    18 IG Text Field with autocomplete - Automatic Fill and Select First option missing?


      We just upgraded from 5.1 to 18.2 and now the Text Field with AutoSelect is working differently. One of the things that our users are complaining about is that the old field used to auto-select the first matching result so they could just hit tab as soon as they saw the correct option and move on to the next field. Now, if they hit tab, it will just leave the few characters that they actually typed and move to the next field. It doesn't auto-fill the first item.  The new version they have to go to the field and start typing, nothing is selected until they manually scroll (arrow) down to the drop-down list to find the correct item, then click enter and then click tab to go to the next field. We have a lot of these in their IG so this has added a considerable amount of time to their data entry.

      I was assuming that the new Text Field with autocomplete was JQuery UI, which provides an autoFocus option to do this, but I tried setting that within the JavaScript Initialization Code box, but it doesn't appear to do anything. I looked through the JET input search docs and still cant figure out how to accomplish this. Has anyone else encountered this?