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    Does CentOS support TimesTen?




      I know that Oracle products ( Including TimesTen ) do not support CentOS.


      But searching , we found the saying that ' Timesten supports Centos' in Oracle blog as below:



      What does it mean?


      Thank you.


      Best regards.

      GooGyum. JUNG

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          Gaz in Oz


          TimesTen Scaleout is officially supported on these platforms and has been tested on the following Linux distributions:

          Click on the platforms link and those platforms listed are officially supported.

          The pretty picture shows what the distributions it has been tested on, but not necessarily supported on.

          So it has been tested on CentOS but is not officially supported.

          I run an older version of Timesten successfully on CentOS 6.7 for example. It works but is not supported.