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      Hello - using  portal


      at portal runtime on jspx page dropped the Content Presenter TaskFlow.


      Edit Page --->    Edit CP TaskFlow --- selected Parameters from dropdown   --->  for DataSource here gave exactly as this   connectionName=PALINIS-UCM#select * from ora:t:IDC:GlobalProfile WHERE  ora:p:xMarketId=  '${bindings.MarketId1}'      --------------  now there is no parsing error shown by the wizard.


      still yet when we submit the form with value    89   the taskflow should have executed and given us 2 rows ( Database contains 2 rows for  MarketId =  89  ).  But still No Rows show in the table (this adf table is with custom CP template on above CP taskflow ).


      we did small test as to use this ${bindings.MarketId1  eq  '89'  }    into CP TaskFlow's  Access --->  Visibility --> Custom EL  and show /  no show works fine. that means the CP taskflow is getting the submitted value from binding.  In short err is in CMIS query above.


      trying to take opinion what might be wrong in query. any idea ?

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          ADD : I we were to add a managed bean and use StringBuilder to generate the CMIS. like -   "Just make StringBuilder and append step by step your full query and then configure datasource=#{myQueryBean.myQuery"


          1> we have the form ( it is 4 input text fields ) directly typed in portal jspx page ( in source mode). Likewise we typed in the bindings also directly in corresponding pageDef. Good news is the form is coming good in portal. In short, we do not have managed bean here since we type directly in portal. In short there is no deploy happened as adf shared lib where we generally package manage bean in the deploy bundle.

          Note : ofcourse we also dragged the CP TF directly in portal at runtime.


          2> if 1 is true and still yet we want to use manage bean generated query in CP TF like  datasource=#{myQueryBean.myQuery" then what are options of putting myQueryBean managed bean on portal server so it becomes accessible from our CP TF ?   How do we put / deploy this only manage bean in portal server ?





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            Resolved. Just like a custom taskflow you use create a Fusion web application and create managed bean ( in adfc-config ) and deploy as ADF Shared Lib. Then refer this war in to Portal Server Extension weblogic.xml and deploy this. You can now refer to this managed bean from portal pages. Just make sure u have defined correct scope to this managed bean.


            Portal Server Extension - can be used to extend 1> TaskFlows 2> data Controls  3> Managed Beans ( Managed Bean does not always have to be associated with TaskFlow. If u need only bean on portal managed Bean can also be deployed just as independent bean )