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    _QUANTITY Parameter in XML Label file - How to change?

    Bill Chunn

      We are using the Oracle generated XML file to push data to a Zebra printer.  The XML file contains a parameter that controls the number of copies that are printed.  This is currently set to 1 and we need 2 copies of each label.  Where in Oracle is the Quantity parameter controlled?  It cannot be controlled by the Zebra software as the inbound XML file parameters override the number of copies parameter in the label form that has been loaded to the printer.


      This is an example of the XML file.


      <?xml version="1.0" standalone="no"?>

      <!DOCTYPE labels SYSTEM "label.dtd">

      <labels _FORMAT="E:PALLET.ZPL" _QUANTITY="1" _PRINTERNAME="Printer 1" _JOBNAME="LBL101">


      <variable name="customer">ACME DISTR CTR</variable>

      <variable name="supplier">Zebra Technologies LLC</variable>

      <variable name="ship_from_address1">333 Corporatewoods Pkwy</variable>

      <variable name="ship_from_city">Vernon Hills</variable>

      <variable name="ship_to_address2">BLD 223</variable>

      <variable name="ship_from_address2">CTC - 2nd Floor</variable>

      <variable name="ship_from_state">IL</variable>

      <variable name="ship_to_postal_code">55379</variable>

      <variable name="ship_from_postal_code">60061</variable>

      <variable name="ship_to_address1">901 CANTERBURY RD</variable>

      <variable name="ship_to_city">SHAKOPEE</variable>

      <variable name="ship_to_state">MN</variable>

      <variable name="customer_name">Mike Troussers</variable>

      <variable name="sscc">112233445566778855</variable>

      <variable name="gtin">1234567891234567891234567</variable>

      <variable name="EPC">308889eefd4ff38000000001</variable>




      Any help would be greatly appreciated.