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    Optimal Set-Up for Working in HFM w/ Excel Smart-View


      Good Day, Everyone!


      Your feedback is greatly appreciated!


      We have a number of users running a myriad of programs - there appears to be little/no consistency from one machine to the next.


      Presently, I have no problems with HFM but others are experiencing issues rendering certain features - for instance, the TABS across the top of the HFM workspace are "missing" and the double arrows   <<   >> are all they have to navigate around their workspace between workbooks and documents and the likes.


      I know that with regards to this particular issue - Tabs disappeared after a Firefox update some 8-10 weeks ago. The user experiencing the Firefox issue then switched to Explorer  - which worked for several weeks  - but now displays the same "Tabs disappearing" issue that Firefox has/had. (For the record: I've yet to look into the solving their problem...)


      We have folks using Explorer 11 for Windows 7 and others using Explorer 11.7 for Windows 10 and the entire gamut of combinations in between. Some use Firefox, (until it bugs out after an update) and then they switch to Explorer until it bugs out.


      Some use JAVA 6 others 11  - and everything in between.


      We have some machines with Flash 32 bit updated last just last week and others with no flash loaded - some have Shockwave, some do not.


      There's also various versions of Smart-View loaded on machines around the company.


      As some of these programs are used to support some browsers, GUI's and the likes:


      1)  Does anyone know of an optimal or recommended combination/set-up of programs to use when working in HFM, Excel, Smart-View?



      Thanks so much for your time, and for sharing of your Information Systems Acumen ! ! !










      Fusion Edition


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          Wow. Seems like your org let users do whatever they want. While I can't help on what works and what doesn't for your version of EPM (Certification matrix should give basic idea), I can tell this. You will need to control the versions. For example, once you decide what version of SV is compatible, you need to stick with that one version. Push that to all users through Landesk. No exceptions.


          We use SV for Office 2016 / HFM Works perfectly fine.



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