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    Feature Request: Simphony ISL/SIM-Need Floating Point type independent of Currency

    Yasser Khorchid

      Hi All;


      On SImphony (as in all previous system), the number of decimals in floating point operations is determined by the base currency. If your base currency has no decimal (as in my case), then you effectively can't conduct floating-point operations.

      This occurs for example in a script where you want to  convert from a zero decimal base currency to a currency that has decimal and vice-versa,

      or when you want to calculate a discount rate that  on the basis of the sales total. The decimal part is rounded to the nearest "1".


      As a result, it would be useful to have Floating-Point Data Type in the ISL/SIM language which is independent of the base currency (Type $).


      As things stand, I have worked-around this using the .netframe functions and storing the result in text string, but this cumbersome, limiting, and extremely impractical.