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    R40910 - Order Detail Open Amount variance


      I have variance reported for order detail open amount (F4311) on the Commitment Integrity Report.   I found a PO line cancelled using option '9' in the P4312.   The line in the F4311 and F43199 appears to look correct releasing commitment and open amount.   Open amount in the F4311 is zero.  The R40910 is reporting the amount of the PO line closed via the P4312.  


      The only way to fix is:

      1) run the Purge/Rebuild process

      2) open the '999' closed line using the P4310

      3) re-run the Purge/Rebuild process

      5) Cancel the PO line using the P4310


      Does anyone know why cancelling the remaining amount using the P4312 would cause the R40910 to behave this way?