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    Concurrent Requestor - EBS R12



      How to find requests that run by specific requestor?

      As when I use System Administrator >Concurrent> Requests, I can search by a requestor. But when using View> Requests, I cannot search by other user expect my user.



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          This is by design.  View Requests only shows your requests, and System Administrator, Concurrent, requests allows you to view the requests of others, due the System Administrator function.

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            Hi Ayman,


            from your login you cannot see the requests that are submitted by other users. But, if you have SYSADMIN logic credentials you can see from there (This credentials will be with your Functional/Admin person and without proper approvals, they will not share you the SYSADMIN credentials with you ).


            Or, you can use the below query to find out the Concurrent Programs that are submitted by specific user.


            select  fcpt.user_concurrent_program_name,fcr.*

            from    fnd_concurrent_requests fcr

                    ,fnd_concurrent_programs_tl fcpt

                    ,fnd_user fu

            where   1=1

            and     fu.user_name='<USER NAME>'

            and     fcr.requested_by=fu.user_id

            and     fcr.concurrent_program_id=fcpt.concurrent_program_id

            order by fcr.request_id





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              Hi Ayman,


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