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    Message on JMS Server but not on JMS Topic




      With store and forward (SAF) mechanism I am trying to send messages from one weblogic server to another.

      As I do so, I see the messgae count on JMS server of remote weblogic server but I could not see that in the destination Topic.



      Please look into the selected row in the above picture. The Message Received count is increasing but Message current count is not increasing. The subscription on the Topic is false. Hence the message should remain in the Topic.


      Can someone please help?






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          Tom B-Oracle

          This is usually simply an indication there are no non-durable or durable subscriptions on the topic, or, if there are subscriptions, it indicates the current subscriptions have a selector (filter) that indicates they aren't interested in that particular message.   In which case, the message is simply deleted the moment it arrives.  In JMS, a message that's sent to a topic with no subscriptions has no where to go.   Try to get your test to work without SAF at all in the picture to eliminate SAF as a factor in the problem, and make sure there are subscriptions on the topic.