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    Solaris 10 global Zone Error/crash


      Hi Expert


      Good Day !


      i have problem crashed non global zone  operating system which all existing solaris zone can not be accessed,


      this is caused of internal root-disk faulted/error


      Note : solaris os version used is sun os 5.10 sparc


      need your advice  :

      the physical internal rootdisks has been replaced  and initiate install fresh non global zone also have also performed,

      Then manual recover metadevice  to mount the following  zonepath from storage as file system also successfully.


      global#df -h /zones/zone01

      /dev/md/dsk/d104     30981094 5165892 25505392    17%   /zones/zone01


      based on the following action plan if i perform these steps that previous not halt and detach zone caused of global crashed, is it possible ?


      global#zonecfg -z zone01

      >create -a /zones/zone01




      global#zoneadm -z zone1 attach -u   -->  this is the point that i mean

      global#zoneadm -z zone1 boot


      Your responses and advice is really really appriciates


      Thank you

      Warm Regards