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    Correct syntax to modify column header?


      I am fairly new to OBIEE and I am attempting to format my heading to add a dashed border rather than a solid border. I attempted to do so using the following settings:

      However, the border ends up being applied around the cell content (the heading name text) rather than heading cell border, so it's not really a border, but a text outline. I don't have this issue if I don't apply the Custom CSS Style and the border reverts to being around the cell rather than around the cell content.




      Am I using the right Custom CSS Style syntax? Please let me know.


      Thanks in advance for your help.



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          Gianni Ceresa

          What you see is normal.

          Look at this picture: the first highlighted part is where OBIEE set the border you define with the options in the "Border" section.

          The second highlighted element is where a custom CSS will be applied.



          Between the 2 there is still a bit of things, that's why it's normal to see a difference in the bordering. Custom CSS apply directly to the element (the <td> ) containing the header text. The "Border" options apply to an higher element. The things in between these 2 justify the distance you see between your 2 borders.


          As you seem to be displaying a single cell (from one cell and one row), you maybe want to have a look at the narrative view? It would give you easier control on the output including any styling you want to have.