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      Hello experts,



      Now that we have CP taskflow configured at run time and used the TF dropdown ---> Parameters --->  Maximum Results = 50. Now as we know there could be like 600 even 700 rows coming out of cmis query. CP TF will show only 50 ?


      how and where do we remove this restriction to show all rows ?



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          Daniel Merchán




          As I commented in previous post, your requirement is growing and growing.

          I strongly recommend you create your own Custom ADF Bounded Task Flow with RIDC API for making Paginated queries to Oracle WebCenter Content. This solution is much more scalable than the Content Presenter.


          Take care with Caching, it is performance but needs to be tunned properly for Content Presenter

          If you want to continue using Content Presenter as the solution, also take into consideration that Content Presenter uses Coherence underneath foir caching the Node Items. This configuration is important to be understand and tuned for avoiding "bugs" about my Document does not appear etc...


          Answering your question if you want to keep using Content Presenter

          First Check if Oracle WebCenter Content has a MaxResults limitaiton in its config.cfg . Sometimes it is configured for performance purposes (this property limites how many items as maximum can be returned by a query).

          In Content Presenter if no value is setup for Max Results, 100 is taken by default as explained in the official documentation: https://docs.oracle.com/en/middleware/webcenter/portal/…

          You need to increase this number, but there is a maximum of 2048 in CMIS if I remember.


          Please, re-consider migrating the Content Presenter to a ADF Bouned Task Flow as it is much more flexible.


          Kind reagrds.