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    OpenScript Seibel Unique Name error


      I have written a Script for Seibel and correlated, added the correct variables. The script will run perfectly for one user.

      However if I try to run more than one iteration I get this error on the second run.

      Variable "_Siebel_CORRLIB_FIELD_1548829552729__S_BC1_S62_R01_F03_#_Surname" not found for string: {{_Siebel_CORRLIB_FIELD_1548829552729__S_BC1_S62_R01_F03_##_ Surname }} 


      Looking deeper the first iteration captures the Seibel data with the correct Unique Name.

      First run



      But the second run captures it as

      Second Run



      so it cannot find S_BC1_S62_R01_F03


      Does anyone know Why? And how I can fix this issue so I can run Load tests?