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    Open Table getting ORA-12801

    Didier LASNIER

      Using SQL Developer 18.4 MacOSX, I'm getting this error

      ORA-12801: error signaled in parallel query server P000
      ORA-01722: invalid number

      When I try to display the tables list in the connections tab.

      I've isolated the query (in the log)  used by SqlDevelopper.

      When I execute each part of the "union all" one by one, there is no error. when I execute the all query I've got the error. When I disable the parallel option, it works fine (ALTER SESSION disable PARALLEL query).

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          Sounds like something is wrong with your database..I suggest you open a Service Request with My Oracle support...


          a severe workaround would be to implement a resource consumer group which forces off parallel degree queries for your sqldev user, but that's just hiding the underlying db issue.


          The ORA-01722 is interesting. Would be good to see what's coming back on the query when ran in parallel that's not expected...