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    Item Revision usage in MFG


      Hello All -


      Our company is exploring the usage of item revisions, but I have not been able to get an understanding of how revisions are consumed in the discrete manufacturing process.

      We have our BOM set to pull inventory and when I have > than 3 revisions with OHQ, the job pulled 1 revision and drove it negative, but didn't pull any of the other revisions.

      Can someone help me with documentation of item revision usage and how the determination i made of which revision to pull and consume?

      Also, from the front end, I don't see end dates for a revision, how can i end date a certain revision?


      Any and all documentation is welcomed!


      Thanks in advance

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          The revision for a component that is consumed in WIP is driven from the revision in the job order bom. There is no functionality that I am aware of that will consume 8 pieces of Rev. 1 and then consume 2 more pieces of Rev. 2 With regards to  the end dating this is all controlled through the ECO process