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    runtime- pass values TF to TF


      we are portal


      This question is not bcaz we are facing issue. But was just thinking loud about this case.


      in 12c onwards we have highly functional portal builder and encouraged to use builder as much possible. Lets say we have 2 taskflows.

      1> TaskFlow1 is custom taskflow developed using jdev and uploaded to portal resource catalog ( round trip development ).

      2> TaskFlow2 is some Out Of Box available in the Resource Catalog ...  in this example lets say it is CP TF


      Now go to PortalBuilder and do following :

      1> Create a JSPX page

      2> click Add Content - drag ur TaskFlow1 from the catalog

      3> click another Add Content - drag lets say  CP TF

      4> SAVE


      Now - how will u pass values of TaskFlow1 ( just example           #{bindings.deptId.inputValue}  )   to TaskFlow2 Parameter ? like  - Edit- Parameters dropdown  etc.


      we know above are bounded taskflows and they execute in their own regions and enjoy their own scopes.


      In short - How to do TF to TF communication at runtime in portal builder ?


      We know how to do pass values between TF to TF at Jdev design time.  Like bounded TF calls another bounded TF (TF call activity ) calls another bounded TF via pageFlowScope  etc  etc

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          Thought  contextual event might be answer. but then contextual events can be neatly configured only at design time in jdev.


          It seems, you wont be able to configure the subscriber at runtime.


          Like, at runtime you drag a CP TF ( lets say this TF  is a  Subscriber )  then there is no way u can get hold of the CP TF's pageDefinition where generally you create a handleEvent method binding and any of the subscriber's configuration. any other thoughts ?

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            Daniel Merchán



            I used many times Contextual Events in Oracle WebCenter Portal by setting the event mapping manually in the PageDefinitions of the Portal Pages.


            • So make sure your Custom Task Flow fires a Contextual Event (Programmatically or Declaratively).
            • Create a Data Control in you Portal Extension Project to handle Events and the method desired to catch whatever informaiton you need.
            • Deploy your new code.
            • Make a backup copy of your Page, PageDef code of your WebCenter Portal Page.
            • Edit the PageDef ot your WebCenter Portal Page to make sure the Portal Page consumes the Contextual Event.
            • Once you have this mechanism working, you can add any logic extra code you need to change scoped variables or page variables which are used in your CP Input Parameters.
            • Make sure the Refresh condition of your Content Presenter is IfNeeded to be refreshed when the Input Parameter changes.


            It is a bit "longer" than all in design time, but perfectly duable to do.


            Kind regards.

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              Let me try and will let u know.


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                Daniel Merchán

                If you need more detailed steps with some pseudo-code let me know.

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                  sure Daniel.  we haven't executed the steps yet.