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    Report is taking time in OBIEE




      OBIEE report is taking time to generate result. I have checked from the backend and S_NQ_ACCT table DB is taking time around 3 minutes and report is generating in 20 minutes. Can you please let me know if we can restrict that in OBIEE side.


      If any report is running more than 5 minutes from OBIEE side it should get kill.




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          Christian Berg

          Same questions as always:


          1.) Are you talking about an "analysis" or a "report"? Those are two different things


          2.) What EXACT version are you using How to Ask Questions in Developer Community Spaces


          3.) What's the EXACT data source?


          4.) What does the detailed log say about the query? Why does it spend 3 minutes in the DB and 20 minutes in the presentation server? Or are those just assumptions of yours?


          5.) 99% of the time performance issues are due to wrong or bad configuration and not due to any product issues. But with what you "provided" it's pretty much impossible to tell you anything.

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            Gianni Ceresa

            Everything Christian said ...


            If you don't care more than that in finding why and fixing things, you can set limits at the user / application role in the RPD: Manage > Identity, pick who you want to set limits Permissions > Query Limits.