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    SQL Developer 18.4 Bugs I Faced



      I'm using SQL Developer for about 10 years. but unfortunately these days I moved to another sql development tool because of the issues I face with every SQL Developer update.

      My operating system is : Windows 10 64 bit.


      Latest bugs I Faced:

      1- Brackets "()" highlight is disabled after 1 or 2 hours of work. Sometimes I click on a bracket but can't see what's the closing bracket. this leads me to copy the code to "Notepad ++" to control brackets. "This happens every day with only SQL Developer 18.4"

      2- Code insight or "auto complete column names" is disabled randomly during working. This is wasting my time during development. "It was one of the most features I depend on"

      "This happens every day during development"

      3- Code formatting becomes unbearable (whatever I tried to control the code format it becomes awful).

      Suggestions: Please try to see Toad Code Formatting.

      4- Thanks for fixing the Arabic language previous issue

      but when I finish writing my code and try modify an Arabic word , words mixed together in a strange way.

      Please try to modify Arabic words in the below statement:

      select nvl ('اللعة العربية', 'اللعة الإنجليزية') from dual;


      Finally, I hope the development team use the new release of SQL developer for sometime to see how we suffer.