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    sql developer : error during sql server connection

    Douglas Philip

      hi all,


      I'm using sql developer to migrate a sql server database to oracle.


      Before with Windows 7 it works, but recently on my pc was installed windows 10.


      So my steps are:

      1. donwload sql developer standalone.

      2. download jdbc driver from here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/jtds/files/jtds/1.2/

      3. from sql developer -> Tools -> Preferences -> Database -> Thirdy Part Drivers I included "jtds-1.2.jar" file.

      4. I included "ntlmauth.dll" and "JtdsXA.dll" into sql developer\bin folder

      5. I included "jtds-1.2.jar" into sql developer\lib folder.

      6. I included "sql developer\bin"  and "sql developer\lib" into PATH windows variable.

      7. Close and Open sql developer.


      Now the Sql server tab is visible, but when I try to connect to sql server I receive this error:



      The same connection from Sql Server management studio works fine.


      Some step is missing?


      Any help?