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    Extended Analytics extract by non admin users




      This may be a bug in our HFM version No matter what role I give (Advanced User, Default, and Read only to all dimensions), the EA extract is failing with below error. Hoping you guys have some idea on extracting data without giving admin access.


      Processing status change: (-2147220904)

      4/2/2019 5:51:52 AM : Status : Processing completed with errors

      Data extract completed with errors for Application SACHFM using prefix SACHFM. Error code is: -2147220904 : (-2147220904) (A required parameter was not included for one or more dimensions. You need to provide at least one valid member for each dimension.)

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          The bottom of page 175 in the HFM admin guide says:


          To extract data to a database, you must be assigned the Administrator or Extended Analytics security role.
          If you are not assigned the Extended Analytics security role, these restrictions apply for extracting data:
          - You can extract only base level data for ICP and all Custom dimensions.
          - You can select only one Scenario and one Year dimension.
          - You can select only the Periods that are in the Scenario's default frequency.


          Here is the HFM role mentioned:


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            Providing EA role helped solve the issue. I looked at HFM doc but only the roles and said EA role is to extract data to database. Assumed it is not applicable to flat file extract. Should have read the EA part in hfm doc.


            Thank you!