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    Suite8 Channel Manager and IFC to SmartHOTEL CM

    Migle Sipelyte HRS

      Dear Team,

      I have a small question regarding Suite8 and SmartHotel CM, as I got a bit confused, so I just need to be sure about the situation, before I make offer to customer.


      Do I understand correctly that Suite8 CM (with backoffice of SmartHotel) is now under controlled availability?


      If I want to make offer for Suite8 and SmartHOTEL CM connection, I should use these licenses:

      Oracle Hospitality Distribution Connector to Third-Party Channel Managers Cloud Service

      Up to 100 Rooms





      101 Rooms or More





      And in addition, customer has to make direct conract with SmartHotel as well?


      Thank You very much for clarification.