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      we trying to achieve following in italic :



      To expose navigational breadcrumbs in a Profile - Snapshot task flow:



      In page edit mode, click the Profile - Snapshot task flow to show its View Actions menu, open the menu, and select Parameters.

      See Also:



      I am logged-in as default user weblogic.    weblogic is Administrator ( we face same issue below if we use user that has  portal manager role.)



      On profile taskflow we have breadcrumbs which we want to keep but disable them showing as a link so that users wont be able to click the hierarchy profiles which he does not belong to.



      so we are go  Administration --->  system Pages ---> Profile  -->  click Customize link



      and now we are in edit mode. we select the relevant taskflow and we just cannot see View Actions menu. so obviously

      we cannot do open the menu, and select Parameter to deal with following 2 parameters.

      Org Bread Crumbs Shown

      Profile Edit Link Shown

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          Did some search and found this Oracle doc which list the issue we facing. But it does not say anything about how to resolve or workaround ?


          Unable to Edit Box Properties Bug: 20356197






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            which version will this issue get resolved ?  Unable to Edit Box Properties Bug: 20356197



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              Daniel Merchán



              Step by step to clarify the question which is mixed from my point of view. There are multiple Profile Task Flows which are used differently in the System Pages or by yourself.


              • System Pages Profile (My-Profile View Task Flow) and User Profile (UserProfile-View TaskFlow) uses different Task Flows for rendering the Profile information. which are Profile View Task Flow and User Profile Task Flow. Both uses the orgBreadCrumb Declarative Component for rendering the orgBreadCrumb.
              • User Profile Snapshot is a different Task Flow introduced as part of 12c that maybe you are using in some of your pages and you want.


              So, please confirm if I am wrong. You are trying to do the following:

              • You want to keep the OrgBreadcrumb in the System Pages (Profile, User Profile), but non-clickable.
              • You want to expose OrgBreadcrumb in the Profile Snapshot Task Flow.


              Kind regards.

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                Hello Daniel,


                Sorry for confusion. I have screen shot just to remove all confusion. This sceen shot is just for reference. You see blue color rectangle painted. That is the place currently we are getting the name breadCrumbs showing up as below. its basically just a ORG hierarchy


                Sam-> Tom -> Joe  ( assuming Joe has logged in )


                currently, Sam , Tom and Joe are all hyperlink ( clickable ).  We do not want Mr Joe be able to click Tom and Sam and view their profiles.


                We want to keep the breadCrumbs being shown as is. We simply want to remove the hyperlinks. Thats it.


                where ( which taskflow ) do we go to just make it non-hyperlink ? (we just cannot see View Actions menu)




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                  Daniel Merchán



                  I made some Proof of Concept in my Virtual Machine and this is what I found.



                  Sharing knowledge / Concepts:

                  • User Profile and Profile page uses underneath a custom Taglib - ADF Declarative Component to render the BreadCrumb which is called orgBreadCrumbs
                  • This Taglib is part of the people-connections-profile-taglib.jar library
                  • Internally it uses an af:breadCrumb and a af:commandNavigationItem to render the items which are clickable.

                  About using Administration Console to Customize orgBreadCrumbs:

                  • By trying using the Administration Console you will find nearly impossible to make the change you are looking for. At least, I could not make it in 10 minutes .


                  My suggestion:

                  • (Best Option): Convince your client for living with the Links clickable, easier for you and I think it is not a major issue.
                  • (If you cannot change the requirement): Then you need to do the Customisation manually and deploy it to WebCenter MDS by using JDeveloper


                  I hope this information helps you.

                  Kind regards.