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    HFMException handling in JAX-Web Service


      I have created a RESTful (JAX-RS) web service that extracts the HFM metadata and that works OK on a Tomcat server 7.0. What I don't seem to be able to handle is when I get an HFMException,  I have tried to using ExceptionMapper to capture this, but this does not seem to work. I'm not sure if its the way I have set up my web service, I have a resource class called Hfmresource which calls a Method 'authenticate' from another Class HfmToken. The 'authenticate' Method is where I call the standard Method 'authenticateUser' contained in the 'Security' Class and I have a 'catch' statement for any HFMException message. I have created an HFMExceptionMapper Class which implements ExcpetionMapper, but this never gets invoked when an HFMException occurs.