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    ODBC - Instant client ODBC installation probem


      Hi I Downloaded instant client  / ODBC add on from Oracle and followed installation instructions




      I downloaded the 10_2 version lite version and the ODBC driver.

      Installed in the same directrory as instructed and tried to install the ODBC driver but it said it could not find instant client. So I deleted everything, installed the full verision of instant client and ODBC again.

      When I tried to install got this



      Oracle ODBC Driver with same name already exists.


      Driver is not listed in ODBC config tool


      If try to uninstall I get




      Some problem occured while deleting the registry key.


      How do resolve this and progress ?  I tried an 11 version on a different machine and have ended up with the same problem. Anyone know how do I resolve this ?