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    Order by value the measures in a pivot table or in a graph view



      I'm an user of OBIEE 11g




      I have some measures divided by months, and a total of the year (rolling) of the same measure. Take the following table as an example

      Measure 2
      Measure 3




      I want to order in a automatic way the measures by the total value. Suppose for example that with the month of may the data for the total row will be 5.19, 6.2, 1.45.

      I want the the new order would be Measure 2, Measure 1, Measure 3.



      Is that possible?


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          Gianni Ceresa


          If this is a table view, the order or columns isn't dynamic, it's fixed based on the order the columns are places into the table view. Only the rows could be sorted in a different way.

          More in general you seem to be wanting to sort based on the value of a total row, if that's the total OBIEE does calculate automatically when you decide to display a total, you can't do much with it, you can't reference it for a sorting or anything else. If this is your case, even without the limits of a table view you wouldn't be able to set a sort based on the total as it doesn't really exist anywhere in your analysis. It's just a visual element.