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    Robustness to page with error-prone ws requests?


      Can someone pinpoint good best practices for wrapping plsql procedures with e.g. apex_web_service.make_requests so that they don't bomb nastly to end-user and caiuse problems in page load?

      It would be neat to be able to first just toggle the procedure so that only user friendly error message is shown regardless how badly the ws make_request died.

      e.g. in Apex 19.1. define Success and Error as follows

      Still leads to following:


      I would rather see 'error' about problems in accessing ws xyz and recommendation to try later refreshing the page or something?

      And yes, I have googled the following resources already, but thought there 'might be easier way?':


      How NOT to Handle Exceptions


      Dimitri Gielis Blog (Oracle Application Express - APEX): Automatically capture all errors and context in your APEX appli…


      So really just be able to hook 'shitty ws code' to my app and have a toggle for user friendly errors no matter what


      rgrds Paavo

      And yes, it is awesome to be able to rollback one ws request fails, Apex with plsql is very good in that sense